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Through this site your can apply for online E-Tourist Visa. We Provide the Fastest Tourist Visa in the world.


We Charge Canadian Dollar 123 (CAD $123) Equivalent to USD $99 as one time charge for the processing of your application. (all inclusive fee including the Embassy fee).


BLS International Services is the world leader in Visa, Passport and Consular services outsourcing with presence in more than 20 countries. BLS has an envious track record of having processed more than 10 million applications since inception with approx. 2.2 million applications processed each more

BLS has been at the forefront of leading innovation in service design and delivery in order to provide quality Visa and Passport services to its applicants globally and hopes to continue its legacy with a natural extension of services through E-Tourist Visa (ETA Visa) service.

BLS provides its customers unmatched convenience and comfort now of applying for an Indian Visa from anywhere on the move. Just fill the short order form and our executive shall be in touch with you to complete the formalities. Our team of experts will then review your visa request and complete the formalities. You will receive your E-Visa as a document through email to be printed and used while traveling. Time taken from when you fill the short form to when the E-Visa is delivered: < 3 business days : Undoubtedly the simplest and quickest way to get an Indian E-Tourist Visa.